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Literature Orders will be temporarily delayed due to COVID19. In the meantime, you can download PDFs of our literature from this Website under the “Literature” Tab and also from the individual product landing pages.

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Contact Sheet
WT-ENG Engineering Manual

Condensing Units

WT-WFH Next-Gen 1/2 - 6 HP
WT-NG2 Next-Gen II 3 to 22 HP
WT-QVX QV-Series 15 to 100 HP

Walk - In Coolers

WT-WLX Next-Gen All-Temp
WT-IFA Inter -Flo
WT-WWF Easy -Flo
WT-PAH Polar -Flo
WT-DFA Dual -Flo
WT-GLY Glycol

Reach - In Units

WT-FLX Flex Temp
WT-MTW Mini - Twin Temp
WT-MUL Mullion Temp
WT-SLE Slim-Temp SLE Electric Defrost
WT-SLA Slim-Temp SLA Air Defrost
WT-ASL Slim-Temp ASLA Electric Defrost
WT-ASE Slim-Temp ASLE Electric Defrost
WT-TWX Twin - Temp
WT-WAX Wall - Temp
WT-WEX Wedge - Temp

Air Cooled Condensers

WT-WDS Quantum Air™ Remote A/C Condenser - WDS/WDD Large 
WT-WDX Small A/C Condenser

Fluid Coolers

WT-FDS Air - Cooled Fluid Cooler

Packaged Systems

WT-XNT Apex Self Contained Units

Air Handlers & Surface Coils

WT-CSX Central Station Air Handler Bulletin
WT-CCX Custom Coils


Complete Catalog(s) Without Prices


201 Thomas French Drive.,
Scottsboro, AL 35769
TEL: (256) 259-7420
FAX: (256) 259-7478
1. Include street address for all large literature and catalog requests - UPS does not ship to Post Office boxes.
2. Include phone number for all international requests.

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